4th Of July Patio Light Set (With White Cord)

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Get ready for Independence Day with our 4th Of July Light Set! 25FT of Red, White, and Blue G50 Globe Lights & White Cord.

Bulb Specs:

  • G50 Globe Lights with C-9 (E17) brass base sockets.
    • For more information regarding the difference in size, click here
  • Steady Bulbs stay on continuously while plugged in. No flashing on and off.
  • Screw-In Replaceable
  • 25 Light Bulbs per order
  • Transparent colors - Translucent colored Red and Blue Bulbs that last for years
  • Red, Blue, and Clear Included in each box
  • Globe Shaped - Large Circular Bulbs cover space for area mood lighting
  • Incandescent Lighting - Warm Glowing Bulbs
  • 11-Watt, 120 Volt
  • Rated over 10,000 hours
  • Indoor/Outdoor - Water-Resistant & Weather-Resistant

Cord Specs:

  • White or Green Cords Included
  • 25 feet of Cord Length
  • 25 Sockets per string
  • 12in spacing between each socket
  • Connect Multiple cords together with male and female plugs on either end
  • Comes with a female plug on the end to connect more cords in-line
  • Commercial Quality Indoor Outdoor Use
  • Easy Installation - Screw-in bulb sockets perfect for candelabra style light bulbs (C-7, E12 base or C-9, E17). For Indoor and Outdoor Use and temporary seasonal and holiday lighting installations.
  • Lighting String is rated at 175 Watts (1.46 AMPS). Connect multiple cords together in a circuit with Male and Female plugs on either end. Max of 960 Watts (8 AMPS).
  • Commercial-grade 18 gauge AWG Wire - Paralleled connected lighting string
  • UL Listed (E204958) X TW, 2X.0824mm (18 AWG), VW-1
  • UL-ROHS RS4050-17
  • SPT-1 Cord, Rated at 220° Fahrenheit
  • 120 Volt - 300 Volt, 60Hz, 1.46A, 175-Watts

All bulbs are checked prior to shipment in good working condition. For orders of 2 or more, orders shipped in cardboard box 8X8X8in.