4th Of July Solid Lights

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Lee Display's classic C-7 or C-9 Multi-Color 4th of July Christmas Lights sold in boxes of 25.

Replace those old bulbs with a brand new set of solid-colored Ceramic Red, White, and Blue Light Bulbs!

Simply screw them into any E12 or E17 sized patio light string and watch them glow with American pride!

1 box of 25 Light Bulbs per order. 3 different colors in each box.

Colors include:

Red, White, Blue

Bulb Specs:

  • C-7 (E12) or C-9 (E17) brass base sockets.
    • For more information regarding the difference in size, click here
    • C7 - 1.5in long X .825in diameter
    • C9 - 2in long X 1.125in diameter
  • Steady Bulbs stay on continuously while plugged in. No flashing on and off.
  • Twinkle Bulbs Flash on and off randomly
  • Screw-In Replaceable
  • 25 Light Bulbs per order
  • Opaque colors - Triple-Dipped in the paint for deep dark colors that last for years
  • Candelabra Shaped - They look like sparkling candles in the night!
  • Incandescent Lighting - Warm Glowing Bulbs
  • 7-Watt, 120 Volt
  • Rated over 10,000 hours
  • Indoor/Outdoor - Water-Resistant & Weather-Resistant

All bulbs are checked prior to shipment in good working condition. C7 Orders shipped in a padded envelope with cords included. For orders of C9 or 2 or more C7, orders shipped in cardboard box 8X8X8in.

Match your favorite color of the Holiday Season!