Steel Garden Sphere

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Lee Display's brand new and handmade Steel Garden Sphere is your home's newest decorative item!

100% made in the USA by Lee Display's skilled craftsmen. Using a Steel-Ring Roller purchased from Howard Hughes' 1940's aircraft prototype shop in Van Nuys, California, our team hand-rolls steel into perfect circles of any diameter. Once all the rings have been shaped, we drill holes through each ring and melt a screw between each piece, thus creating the symmetrical shape of your sphere.

Engineered for easy shipping and storage: Rings all fold together into one flat shape. Lee Display's design makes your spheres collapsible and durable.

Natural Aging Process Developed: To create the patina finish with our Rusty Spheres, Lee Display developed a water-based solution that oxidizes steel naturally in little time. All rusty finishes are applied after each order has been made.

Rustic Farmhouse Aesthetic: Designed for all types of home decor styles. Spheres fit into modern and contemporary home styles as well as country farmhouses and rustic cottages.

For Indoor & Outdoor Decor: Spheres can be displayed inside your homes for industrial, modern, and contemporary designs. Or, decorate the exterior of your homes with rustic lawn ornaments, spherical garden statutes, and patio topiary displays.

Lightweight American Steel: Steel purchased from local vendors in California. Rings are molded into perfectly round circles. They are almost bouncy when fully formed. (Approx. 7 lbs. per 18'' in diameter.)

Multiple Options for every home:

  • Two Types of Finishes: Rusty Patina or Raw American Steel. Raw American Steel has no finish. The steel will rust naturally over time both indoors and outdoors.
  • Sizes range from 12'' diameter to 36'' diameter.

Shipping Details:

  • Each sphere ships flat in a cardboard box with UPS or Fedex.