Green Chili Pepper Lights

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Green Chili Pepper Christmas String Lights.

Get your party started with Lee Display's Chili Pepper String Lights! Chili peppers are warm-glow lighting so your guests will feel the welcoming and casual mood of the party!

Green Chili Peppers are soft plastic covers over each light bulb. Incandescent and Traditional Mini Christmas String Lights with 3in Spacing for More Lighting! A warm Lime Green Chili Glow.
Perfect for every occasion, Christmas, Weddings, Patio and Backyard Parties! Decorate and Theme your Party with our Chili Pepper Lights!


  • Length - 17ft long
  • Spacing - bulbs spaced 3in apart
  • Amount of Bulb - 35 light bulbs on each string
  • Green Chili's Included - 35 Chili's included pre-fixed to each bulb, no assembly required
  • Clear Bulbs - Clear Mini Incandescent Light Bulbs
  • UL Listed - For Indoor and Outdoor Use, UV Protected, Waterproof and all Weatherproofed sockets and plugs
  • Connect Multiple Cords together - US 2-prong outlet on either end, connect multiple strings together in-line for more lighting
  • Low Energy Consumption - 120 Volt, 2.4 Watts, .04 Amps