Organic Redwood Planter Crates

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Organic Redwood Planter Crates with Chicken Wire!

Start your vegetable at home this summer
A simple open-shaped box style is perfect for your pots

Made with Recycled Redwood

We craft this wooden planter using redwood fencing posts gathered locally in the Bay Area, CA. We treat the wood and clean each post before cutting to exact size and staple together. Each box is made by hand from our craft engineers. We use chicken wire for the floor bed.

Excellent for your home and garden!

Use these flower boxes in your garden as topiary boxes and plant flowers and succulents in them. You can simply pour dirt directly into the box and plant your favorite type of vegetables. Or display them inside your home; on top of shelves and cabinets for home decor accents and storage crates.

Use for potting your favorite plants and succulents

Double Tiered Handles & Raised Bed

Easily carry your pots, vegetables, flowers, and succulents from one area of the garden to the other with the double stacked handle.

Choose between 2 sizes!

16in Length X 9in Width X 6in Depth

18in Length X 11in Width X 6in Depth