Red Bengaline Christmas Ribbon

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Red Christmas Ribbon - Rolls of 50 Yards

The most cavalier of colors for the holidays


  • Color - Shiny Red fabric
  • Pattern - Bengaline Stripped Ribbon
  • Roll Length - 50 Yards (150 Feet)
  • 3in Width - Great for large-sized packages, boxes, and cards. Covers a large surface area while decorating.
  • Double-Faced - Colored on both sides for hassle-free decorating
  • 50 Yard length Rolls - Extra Long Large Roll sold in bulk and wholesale pricing
  • Wired Edge - Both sides of the cloth have a steel wire sewn into the sides. Excellent for Wrapping your Christmas Tree, Banners, Wrapping Christmas Gifts, and Birthday Presents
  • Thin Fabric Ribbon - Lightweight and Stylish, made for durability and strength
  • 100% Nylon - Made for Commercial Use, Indoor/Outdoor, Professional Quality
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Weight - 1lb per roll

Sold in Individual rolls of 50 yards. Individual orders ship in a padded envelope. Orders of 2 or more ships in a cardboard box.