Steel Wreath Frame Shapes

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Custom Steel Frames made by Lee Display in different Shapes and Sizes

Made by hand in the US. Lee Display manufactures custom-sized shapes using American steel. Hand-rolled into perfect circles & squares and then welded together. Choose over 1,000 different styles, sizes, and dimensions.

Steel Wreath Frame Shapes can be used for all types of projects including arts, crafts, wreaths, home decor, store merchandising, and fabrications.

  • All Shapes are made in 2-dimensional flat frames
  • Can be flipped to either side - front and back
  • All Flat Bar steel rings are made with 1/8in thick steel
  • No hanger required - frames can be balanced directly from a nail on your wall
  • Sizes are determined by the longest length of shape (12in Rectangles will be 12in length)