Wine Barrel Cutting Board

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Serve your guests with the elegance of Napa Valley and the richness of a rustic Italian home!

We turned the top of this authentic Napa Valley Wine Barrel into an Easy-To-Use Serving Platter and Cutting Board.

Create sophisticated cheese plates and serve your party guests in style

Fashion together your favorite Charcuterie mixture and let your guests eat like Roman Kings & Queens!

100% Tung Oil coating means they are FDA food safe.

  • Using real wooden Wine Barrels purchased from local wineries in Napa Valley.
  • Naturally stained & soaked in red wines from Napa.
  • Each piece is unique in its own way.
  • Real red wine-soaked into each board.
  • Sanded edges are smoothed out and customed to every unique barrel top.
  • Extra-large surface to carry just about any plate of appetizers or o'dourves.
  • 22in Diameter from an authentic Wine Barrel top.

Serving food with your Napa Valley Wine Barrel Tray never looked better.

***Each item varies from the next. No wine barrel top is the same.