Making Your Own Succulent Planter Box with Lee Display

We got something you and the whole family will love while you're at home and under quarantine from Covid-19.  Build your own wooden planter box in your own unique style.

Making your own Succulent Planter Box with Lee Display

On Sale now for only $19.95


Lee Display provides all the materials you need to craft together a rustic planter.  The wooden slats are cut to size with pre-drilled holes you can easily screw together.  The rest of the design is up to you!


We send you a paintbrush and grey wood stain in case you want your planter to look weathered and worn.

Paintbrush included with your purchase of Lee Display's succulent boxWood Stain included with your purchase of Lee Display's Succulent Planter Box

We include strips of real moss if you want to add natural elements to your box.  Simply glue each sheet onto the wooden slats!

Strips of Moss included with your purchase of Lee Display's Succulent BoxYour planter box with real moss covering the outside - from Lee Display

Or, you can mix match and change up the styles however you like.  Your succulents will look great in your very own custom-designed planter box!


Make your own rustic grey weathered planter box from Lee Display

Buy a crafting kit today!


What's Included?

  • Wooden Boards and Slats
  • 1 Paint Brush
  • 1 Bottle of Grey Wood Stain
  • 1 Screw Driver
  • 12 Nails
  • 2 Strips of glue-on green Moss
  • Lee Display provides all the necessary tools for building and a simple instruction pamphlet.  


Click here to get started on making your own Succulent Planter Box for the whole family!

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