Window Displays

For over 70 years, Lee Display has been creating unique, custom, and valuable retail store window displays.

Quite often, the window of your store is the first glimpse a shopper gets to see of your store. And we all know the saying about first impressions.

Are you looking to make bold statements with artistically designed windows or are you looking to grab the attention of a prospect with detail and design?

Lee Display can do both.

Whether developing creative window displays with mechanical animals and trains or we're building a window display that sparkles at just the right moment, Lee Display's Window Displays will showcase your store's message and bring in the right kind of customer.

Lee Display brings your imagination to reality with custom manufactured Window Displays!

We work with you to develop your concepts and build the designs.

From manufacturing to installations, Lee Display is with you the entire way!

To schedule a short 5 min consultation with a team member today, click the link and book an appointment!

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