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Mini Christmas String Lights
Billy Salazar-Dobson

I'm so glad that I finally found mini christmas twinkle string lights that HAS white wire! I mean it's so hard to find white wire with twinkle lights! I have seen many green wire with twinkle lights but not white wire. I wish that you offer 100 bulbs instead of 50 bulbs though but I so fell in love with those beautiful twinkle lights with white wire!

C7 Light Bulbs
sheryl ann forsyth
Halloween bulbs

Just what I expected and are very nicely priced.

Metal Tree Base Stands
Billy Salazar-Dobson

It doesn't fit my christmas tree's base at all. Actually it's my fault that I didn't measure it before I order it. My christmas tree's base size is 7/8 inch so close!

Color not what expected

With the purple lights, it really is deceptive as the light really does look purple when lit, just looks black.
And the Easter light set I bought was not the same color scheme as depicted when I ordered. The only one that could be considered, is the pink.
Somewhat disappointed.

Love This Tree!

Once again you wowed me! From product to service, everything perfect!
Happy Halloween!

Steel Rings
Denise Palma

Trying to return product no repose on how to do it please contact me

Fantastic Experience!

These company is great to work with. We had a quick turn around time on a commercial project and they went above and beyond to help us. Our wreath came out absolutely beautiful and our clients loved it. Highly recommend Lee Display!

Shiny Gold Ball Ornaments

Red Starbursts
Sonya Morgan

They were nice but they were missing some parts and some where broken


Great product
Arrive fast

Steel Rings
Curt Reese
meets specifications and expectations

Thanks, this meets my need and will help me complete my project!

Best outdoor ribbon!

My garden club uses this ribbon every year for our Mailbox Topper fundraiser. This ribbon is easy to work with, makes beautiful bows and holds up in winter weather. A win, win, win!

Freaking fabulous

I saw the box and thought why such big box?
I discovered I ordered a bigger one than last year and I AM SO HAPPY I DID!
FABULOUSLY COLORFUL well made and does not even need ornaments cos so Pretty and HALLOWEENIE!

Tooo small. Would like to exchange for larger size if someone would return my messages. Thanks!

Black Christmas Garland
Brandi Armstrong

Well I was surprised how nice my black garland is . When shopping online you never know the quality of the product until it shows up to the door . The garland is thick enough for the price . Actually really nice for the price ,very glad I purchased it .

Wine Barrel board

Product exceeded expectations!

Fabulous colorful garlands love them

You guys rock!

Beautiful full body garland. There well made and when fluffed stunning results

Love this tree

This Americana colored tree is perfect for decorating from Memorial Day through the 4th of July. Am very happy with it and would definitely recommend.

Love these little trees

I bought an orange tinsel one for the Fall season and a red, white and blue one for Memorial Day and the 4th of July. These little trees were exactly what I was looking for, and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend buying from this company.

Tinsel trees

Love all them. Great quality.

Black Christmas Garland
Ramona Lindsey
Halloween Wreaths

I could not be more pleased. This garland is thick and easy to work with.

Gorgeous trees! Happy with order!

Love it

The sound in the video is cut off so note this piece has been in severe weather and has had some chemical exposure (cleaning solvents and pesticide).

Very sturdy. Good option for outdoor potting/work to save your back. Also looks nice. The hooks and towel rack are really convenient. Wheels (I got the 6in vintage ones) don’t leave any marks on the travertine patio. Easy to move.

Minor notables: some sap seeped out of one piece of the wood (no big deal for us, especially considering it’s 100+ degrees here and it’s on a hot stone patio in the blazing sun) and you may want to treat the bare steel on the casters (maybe get the painted ones if yours is outside, I didn’t think of that…). Mine started showing rust within a few weeks but a little clear coat will fix that. I had ordered - and returned - another potting table from pottery barn that was less mobile (4 fixed wheels! Wth) and it was 3x the price so I’m thrilled with this one. Ours has a bit of a black/ash tint in the finish, which looks great with our dark bronze patio set.

Orange Trees will ROCK my Halloween

I have several other Lee Display trees and they are all well made, great value and so festive, even before you add decorations. They do shed when you take them out of the box, so maybe do that outside. Last year I wanted orange, but they were sold out when I checked. This year I was thrilled they were still available during the Christmas in July Sale. My Halloween decor will go up long before the 31st so I can enjoy these as long as possible!