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Second order - loved first table so much!

Absolutely the best! Have now ordered two potting tables with hutch and one without - could not be more pleased. Great company and amazing customer service!

The team was so easy to work with. The final bar cart product looks exactly as we expected!


Everything went extremely well in my dealings with James and Matt to finalize an order for my custom order Alpine Green small tree. It arrived very quickly and met all my expectations. Lee Display is "THE MAN" as far as I am concerned. Mike.

I like it

I haven't seen garlands that are made of pompoms strung in a row. I prefer a main wire garland to wrap with lights. This pink garland is a lovely color and can be fluffed out to look nice. I hope it achieves the look I was envisioning. Maybe your website should include front and back photos for full disclosure.

Blue Starbursts
Walter Wade
I love these things!

I had all the colors save for the blue. They are just as fantastic and richly colored as all the others. These starbursts are now a permanent part of our Christmas decorating, both as ornaments on the tree, and as accents on the mantelpiece and in tabletop arrangements. Many thanks.

Gold Starbursts
Manuel Rosado

They are beatiful. I have bought them several times for different decorations.

Cute, but…

This is a nice little tree, but the branches are flimsy, the ornaments weighed them down quite a bit. I wouldn’t have ordered this tree if I knew that.

Purple Starbursts
Walter Wade
Stars of the show

These purple stars, delicate and deeply colored in shiny purple, are perfect for adding interest in a Christmas tree. They are light and rest lightly on the branches. I love ‘em.

Red Outdoor String Lights
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Great set of lights

No complaints. Got what I expected. Quality is on point! Thank you

Red Starbursts
Walter Wade
Love ‘em

Great decorations for Christmas. Very useful on the tree. Easy to assemble. Packs a big wallop of decor into a delicate item.

Gold Starbursts
Walter Wade
Gold star for gold starbursts.

These starbursts, in any of the colors, are great additions to holiday decor. I use them on the tree, they fill space, adding light and color, while still allowing the ornaments to be seen. They tie things together; I love’em. They are easily propped among branches.

Better than vintage aluminum Christmas trees for 1/4 of the price

I was skeptical about going for a new aluminum tree vice vintage, but Lee Display exceeded my expectations. I paid a fraction of the cost I would have paid for vintage, and these look just as good. In addition, they are super sturdy and I have no hesitation in hanging expensive ornaments on the trees. Finally, the 30% discount I received was icing on the cake
and the person I dealt with, James Latino, was a true professional. THANKS!


I bought several sizes and I can't wait to use them. Assemble easily and disassemble with ease for storage.

Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree
Wendy Lloyd Davies

Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree

Mardi Gras Light Bulbs
Danny T Hood MD
Perfect lights for Madi grad

Perfect size great colord

Just as expected

This is the serving time I've ordered these. Both times met my expectations (which, by the way, is somewhat rare, in my experience).

Steel Rings
Ronald Sasiela
18” ring - Spot on

The ring matches my request and will soon become a circular hammock for my two cats who enjoy sleeping together!
Thank you.

Beautiful lights

Large, bright lights that remind us of our childhood

Excellent service
Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Great Product and Fash shipping

Great Product and Fash shipping

Gold Starbursts
Douglas Baird

Gold Starbursts

Halloween Mixed Brush Tree---Fun But Small

We wanted a Halloween themed tree, and this one from Lee Display appeared to fit the bill. We knew it was only 5' (60 inches) tall, but the length of the branches is super disappointing. We thought they would be much longer, but due to their shortness we are finding it difficult to hang a lot of lights and ornaments. We would love to see this same tree produced in a much larger size.

On a positive, it was cheaper to order directly from Lee Display than to get it from Amazon. Shipping was very quick, and the tree arrived in perfect condition. Assembly was a no brainer and overall, we are happy.

Fast and Quick

Got my order in 2 days and all the items were prefect.

Gold Pine Cones
L. Jaynes
Disappointed in size

Measurements were not on the website. The photos looked larger than what I received. I also sent an email asking the size….no response. Quality was good, just small.