Exterior Christmas Lighting Installations - Lee Display

Exterior Christmas Lighting Installations

Exterior Christmas Lighting Installations - Lee Display


Lee Display's Professional Exterior Holiday Lighting and Installation Services.


Looking to decorate your office building for the holidays?  Schedule an appointment with us today for an estimate!


Lee Display is your full-service resource for custom seasonal holiday lighting and installation for your commercial office property.


Over the past 20 years throughout the Bay Area, Lee Display has excelled in providing our customers with efficient and illuminating seasonal lighting solutions.  And our commercial property clientele has enjoyed the benefits of our holiday lighting & installation services.



Here are the steps we take to complete each project:

  • Asses lighting ideas and concepts for your buildings.
  • Low-Impact Installations of all Exterior Holiday Lighting.
  • On-hand maintenance and Expedited De-Installation.


1. Asses lighting ideas and concepts.  


With Lee Display's Visual Designers, we'll help you get the exact design and styles you're looking for.  With little impact on your tenants.  Our goal is to spruce up the holidays with little accents and shine while minimizing the impact on your tenant's daily lives. 

All we need is a little information on what you're looking for and where you'd like it.  Then, the team at Lee Display creates custom designs for your properties and shows you exactly how they'll look when installed.  We don't finalize anything until you're 100% happy with the way it's going to look.


2. Low-Impact Installations.


Minimizing Impact on your tenants.  Your tenant's daily lives are most important to us.  That's why we've implemented installation techniques and procedures that minimize the impact on your tenants.  From super-fast overnight installations to after-hours deliveries and takedowns, Lee Display makes sure not to disrupt the important work of your office tenants. 


3. On-hand maintenance and Expedited De-Installation.


Located in the Bay Area, Lee Display is able to provide on-hand same-day service for all exterior lighting solutions during all weather conditions.  Rain or shine, we'll be there to fix any issues that arise so that your holiday lights look perfect for the short time that they're installed.  

After the holiday season has passed, we de-install our lighting products within days.  Limiting the impact on your office tenants and making their holidays even more memorable.  






Thinking about holiday lights for your office building? 


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