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Lee Display

Real Goose Feather Trees

$29.99 USD

2FT, 3FT, 4FT, 5FT, & 6FT White Goose Feather Christmas Trees!


Hand-made real feather trees by Lee Display!


How it's made:

  • Made from real goose feathers!  Branches are made on a stiff wire and wrapped in a material of fluffy white goose feathers. 
  • Our custom built branching machines turn the branches into a full-sized Christmas tree. 
  • Super soft down feathers are fluffy and flow in the wind.  
  • Stiff Wire branches hold almost any holiday ornament.
  • White Wooden Base painted in matching white color.


Incorporate into any decor:

Wedding Decor, Centerpieces, Table-Top Displays, Home Holiday Decor, Christmas Tree, Women's Pride Party, Spring, Easter decoration, or retail store merchandising display.