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Steel Garden Sphere

$85.00 USD

Our Rusted Steel Garden Sphere Decoration! Add a rustic medieval metallic element to your home and garden decor.



  • Hand-welded using lightweight steel.
  • Rings are molded into a round circle - they are almost bouncy!
  • Custom Patina rust finish applied using natural water-based solution.
  • Engineered to be easily shipped and versatile - the rings fold/collapse to make 1 solid ring.
  • Easy to store. Rings fold into one. 

    Manufactured in the USA!


    Using a ring roller actually purchased from Howard Hughes' 1940's aircraft prototype shop in Van Nuys, California. The same shop he created and built the Spruce Goose!

    Approx. 7 lbs. per 18'' in diameter.

    We offer 2 types of finish and varying sizes. Sizes range from 12'' diameter to 36'' diameter.