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Lee Display

Silver Tinsel Christmas Tree

$7.99 USD

Shiny Silver Tinsel Christmas Trees made by Lee Display!  Aluminum Silver tinsel branches. 


Decorate your holidays in vintage retro holiday style. 


Choose between 4 sizes:

  • 18" - perfect table-top height
  • 24" - home decor accent height
  • 36" - classic centerpiece Christmas tree
  • 48" - retail store merchandising and display height


100% made in the USA.   Lee Display's brush machines make the custom colored tinsel garland.  Our professional fabricators cut each garland to perfect tree branch size then build the tree using our custom designed branching machines.  

Detachable wooden base included.  Painted in a matching color of your tree.

Easy-to-store.  Foldable branches make this tree easy to store in your closet.

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