Exterior Christmas Interior Lighting Installations - Lee Display

Exterior Christmas Interior Lighting Installations

Exterior Christmas Interior Lighting Installations - Lee Display

Over the past 20 years in the Bay Area, Lee Display has excelled in providing our customers with efficient and illuminating seasonal lighting solutions.  This year was no different, as we worked with Harvest Property to design and install exterior seasonal lights for their Bayshore Technology Park building locations.  


With over 20 buildings in total, each covering over 600 SQ. FT. of the perimeter; precision, efficiency, and team-work was the core driving force of what made Lee Display's installations possible in little more than 3 days.  


After working with Harvest Property to conceptualize their lighting ideas and finalizing the designs, there were only 2 requests that had to be fixed; those of which are not any less common to that of a retail store design or seasonal home rooftop lighting installation:

1. Make no permanent retrofit to the building itself

2. Secure Lighting for the safety of the tenants.


So how do you safely secure 600 sq. ft of Christmas Lights to the exterior rooftop of a commercial building without making any permanent retrofits to the building itself, but, while upholding the aesthetics of the lights with intensity and sparkle?  

With that, our team worked tirelessly to create a systematic solution for each problem.  We knew that the lights had to face our viewers from street level for their vibrancy to be felt, so the lights had to sit horizontally on the building and point towards the street.  Therefore, we would need brackets in place to hold the lighting fixtures in the perfect uniformed position. 


After searching several types of material, we landed on L-shaped corner bead metal; a super light-weight metal and easily found building material.  The next solution was to come up with a way to secure the lights to the corner bead brackets.  And we found magnetic light cords were the perfect solution. 


Using C-7 Christmas Light Cords that were equipped with magnets on each socket, we would be able to safely secure the lights right onto the edge of the buildings, have them point horizontally towards the street, and have perfectly uniform lights on all 20 buildings.  The rest of the task was execution.  And our team at Lee Display didn't hesitate to coordinate in teams and expedite the process. 


 Take a look at how they turned out!


See the gallery for our step-by-step process of installing the rooftop lights:

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