Lee Display's Warehouse Storage Solutions in the Bay Area, CA

Warehouse Storage

Lee Display's Warehouse Storage Solutions in the Bay Area, CA

With over 18,000 sq ft of storage space and the capabilities to keep your inventory in prime condition, storing your decor with Lee Display is an easy decision.


Primely located directly between Sacramento and San Francisco right off Highway 80, Lee Display's warehouse offers a conveniently located juncture between two of the most popular regions in Northern California.  



Hassle-Free Storage Solutions - We Pick-Up and Deliver!


  • Lee Display offers pick-up and loading services for all your items.
  • Our team can load our delivery trucks and drive them back to our warehouse safely and efficiently.  
  • When you're ready for your inventory to be brought back, we'll be right there for same-day deliveries and on-scheduled dates.


Lee Display's team is are ready at your call!


Give us a call today or schedule an appointment to talk to one of our team members!


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