Making our Black Ostrich Feather Tree

How Lee Display manufactures Christmas Trees w/ real Ostrich feathers:

Like any manufacturing company in the world, Lee Display has a structured and systematic process of building a Christmas Tree from scratch.  What makes Lee Display stand out from the rest of those companies; is the long family ethos that helped build that process.  

Creating a handmade product doesn't just mean that the final process has been placed by hand.  For the Latino family, it means that every process within the journey has been worked on uniquely and customized to the quality that it ensures.  

In the early 60's, Lee Display developed a way to create an artificial branch - something that would be used in countless decorative displays.  Anthony Latino, CEO and owner at that time, took a sewing machine motor and table and flipped it onto its side, allowing cotton thread to be wrapped in a circular motion.  Retrofitting a hole into the opening socket then allowed for a pipe to fit inside - or a trunk of a Christmas Tree. 


Branch Machine In Use

And so, the ability to quickly create a unique and everlasting Christmas Tree from scratch was born.


Branch Machine with Ostrich Feather    Building a feather christmas tree  Building a real feather tree


 Current CEO, Mark Latino, shows you how Lee Display fabricates a Black Ostrich Feather Tree by hand.  We use real imported Black Ostrich feathers to start creating the branches of the tree. 

While feeding the stem of the feathers into our custom-designed branch machines, we wrap a polyester cotton blend thread around the trunk of the tree.  Attaching the branches to the trunk.

Once enough branches have been made, then we start building the Christmas Tree using a larger machine that functions in the same way.  The tree starts to form as you use longer branches and feathers.  


We can make custom sizes and colors.  This tree is 7FT Tall.  


To order one yourself, follow this link!


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