Wooden American Flags for the 4th Of July! - Lee Display

Wooden American Flags for the 4th Of July!

Wooden American Flags for the 4th Of July! - Lee Display


Lee Display's Hand-made Vintage American Flags make great gifts for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day celebrations.  



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Each hand-crafted flag is made from 100% recycled and refurbished locally found redwood posts and barn wood. 


With the help of the local community sourcing materials, we take extra pride in crafting each flag to be sustainable and durable for years to come.  Our flags are made-to-order so that our technicians can give your unique flag the time and energy that all custom artwork pieces deserve.  And having one tech craft each flag from start to finish means that your Stars and Stripes will have the detail and craftsmanship that our techs pride themselves on.   


Placing our template for our Wooden USA American Flags Red White & Blue


 Wooden American Flags

We've engineered these flags to store and ship conveniently and effortlessly.  The flag folds into a perfect cylinder so you never have to worry about how to store your flag in the offseason.  So hang a Wooden American Flag on your wall this 4th of July and celebrate your Independence Day in patriotic fashion!  Made in the USA!



Foldable USA Flag with Burlap and Metal Hooks AttachedFoldable USA Flag with Burlap and Metal Hooks Attached


  • Each Flag measures 27''X48''
  • 27in Height
  • 48in Width
  • Weighs approx. 8 lbs.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use.  
  • Colors won't run.  
  • Choose between the classic Red, White, & Blue Flag to a Black and Natural Wood Flag to the Iwo Jim Flag.  Army Colors available.  13 Colony Star Flag available.  




Foldable USA Flag with Burlap and Metal Hooks Attached

If you have a custom design, please let us know and we'll be happy to work with you.  



Bedroom Living Room Wall Hanging Wooden Flag Decor

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