Lee Display's Brian Latino runs the Brush Machine to build a 25FT long strand of Pink Tinsel Garland using new improved methods

Customers Benefit from Breakthroughs in Production, Increasing Product Quality at Lee Display

Lee Display's Brian Latino runs the Brush Machine to build a 25FT long strand of Pink Tinsel Garland using new improved methods

At the beginning of the Pandemic

With an economy in shatters and retail stores closing their doors during the Coronavirus outbreak, Lee Display took the downtime to examine their entire product catalog and make improvements.  "We didn't know what to expect.  Our major retail store clients were shutting their doors and money was drying up.  We had no choice but to figure out what to do," CEO Mark Latino recounts on the days immediately after California's quarantine rules were in-effect.  "We were looking at everything we were offering and trying to figure out how we could improve on it.  And then, we were looking at these machine's that are about 100 years old, and then the light switched on." 


100% Made in the USA

Over 90% of Lee Display's products are made in-house using custom-designed "Branch Machines" and "Brush Machines" that date back to the early 1900's when Lee Display first opened.  Still to this day, the Tinsel Trees that are so popular online, are fabricated from cutting vinyl sheets and twisting them around wire with our Brush Machines.  Then using our Branch Machines to build the structure of the tree by hand.  


Breakthroughs of simple engineering create better Decorations

"We oiled the motors of the machines, we installed new timing belts on the rotors, but the best thing we did was build a new wire feeder for the Brush Machine,"  Mark said.  Installing a separate feeder that can hold multiple types of wire allows the Brush Machine to make 2 types of garland at a fraction of the time and cost.  Lee Display can now manufacture Tinsel Garland that is thicker and lighter than before.  By using a thinner wire for our 25FT Tinsel Garland strands, the tinsel has improved dramatically and our loyal customers will be the beneficiaries.  "This is the tinsel that we've been meaning to make, " Mark continued.  "This is what our customers are accustomed to, it's tinsel that will immediately bring them back in time!"


While the summer's quarantine was used as an instrumental opportunity for Lee Display to improve products, increase product quality, and slash production costs, their goal continues to be in the mindset of their customer's happiness.  Mark said, "We're cranking out tinsel and we can't keep colors in stock!"



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