New Packaging Innovation Increases Product Performance and Longevity at Lee Display

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Lee Display's Tinsel Tree Packing Insert Innovation 2020 Lee Display's Tinsel Tree Packing Insert Innovation 2020 - 3ft - 4ft trees

A recurring issue has been solved at Lee Display with innovations in product packaging; giving way to manufacturing, storage, shipping, and product performance benefits for the long-term.   "Throughout the year, we manufacture over 5000-6000 Tinsel Trees," CEO Mark Latino talking about the cost benefits of their latest creation.  "But after 1 month from laying the box on one side, our customers would take the tree out of the box and see that the tinsel was flat on 1 side."


By adding a small packing insert into each box, Lee Display's signature Tinsel Trees will be suspended inside the packaging without flattening one side.  A square piece of cardboard cut with a hole in the middle - large enough for each tree to fit through, gets inserted into the box.  The tree then fits through the hole's opening and the product's box gets tapped shut.  Thus, allowing enough room for the tinsel brush to fit inside the packaging without being damaged by laying on one side for too long.


"Our customer's don't have to worry about purchasing a tree that was manufactured in July and taken out of the box in December anymore.  Now, your tree is going to look just as good as it did when it went into the box, " James Latino explains as the Director of Business Development.  "And from a production and manufacturing perspective, now we'll be able to increase our production without the hesitation from long-term storage issues that decrease the quality of our products.  We'll be able to drop our costs of manufacturing, while increasing product quality for the price of a small single sized-cupcake insert."  


100% Made in the USA

Over 90% of Lee Display's products are made in-house using custom-designed "Branch Machines" and "Brush Machines" that date back to the early 1900's when Lee Display first opened.  Still to this day, the Tinsel Trees that are so popular online, are fabricated from cutting vinyl sheets and twisting them around wire with our Brush Machines.  Then using our Branch Machines to build the structure of the tree by hand.  


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