What is Visual Merchandising? - Lee Display

What is Visual Merchandising?

What is Visual Merchandising? - Lee Display


It its most basic form, Visual Merchandising is the message that a retailer wants to convey to its customers.  It encompasses the entire feeling the customer will experience entering the store, shopping, purchasing, and leaving.  Visual Merchandising, with its aesthetics, its glitz and glamour, is the connection to the customer that can only be felt and seen.  It is the process to which your customer will remember your store, fantasize about shopping for your next most-fabulous product, and create an unprecedented word-of-mouth following.  Without specifically knowing it, the look and feel of how your products are displayed, merchandised, and seen are a direct connection to the customer’s experience.  And as a result, a direct connection to sales. 


Every brick & mortar chooses to merchandise their products in their own unique way.  How the customer responds to those products is the process of Visual Merchandising.  Visual Merchandising professionals know how to optimize a customer’s experience, to bring it to life, to attract more customers, while driving sales and revenue.  Visual Merchandising professionals can change your customer’s mood from one room to the next, can create seamless and natural progressions from one style trend to the other, and develop an unbreakable connection to the customer. 


Here are some things we think about:


  • Conceptualizing & Vision – Working with retailers to understand fundamental considerations; why they built a store, what they have to offer, how they differentiate themselves, and the value they bring. We take those concepts and turn them into visual representations your customer will notice.


  • Cohesive Branding Elements - Creating design elements and accents that fit congruently and cohesively with your branding visions across all platforms and avenues.


  • Entrance & Exits – The way that a passer-by will see your store from across the street to the way that a cherished customer leaves with a bag in hand, the entry and exit ways can provide awe-inspiring first impressions and lasting effects. With the right mix, you can put your customers at ease prior to entering and let them leave with confidence.


  • Window Displays – Windows are an essential element of design and experience. No longer used simply to allow more light into your store, your window is a valuable connection that can be made to your prospective clientele.  Maximizing how you entice new customers while displaying recent releases.


  • Lighting – Everyone knows about setting the right mood at home. Your store is no different.  From creating a hesitant-free atmosphere to establishing spotlight and intriguing products, we use lighting in new and inspiring ways.


  • Seasonal Displays & Features – Not only do our inherent moods change with each passing season, but the shopping experience can also reflect and highlight those changes into positive reflections and natural progressions. With little extended effort, we can channel seasonal changes into beautiful transgressions and a better shopping experience.


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