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13 Colonies American Flags

$60.00 USD $79.99 USD

Hand-Made Wooden 13 Colony American Flag!


Decorate for with vintage American pride of our founding fathers.


Cover your walls with a flag that shows off your rustic decorating style with Red, White, and Blue Spirit and the stars representing the first 13 Colonies of the United States of America

  • Cut from repurposed redwood sourced locally in the Bay Area.
  • Exact scale of a real American Flag 27IN X 48IN.
  • Red & White Wooden Stripes sealed together with brown burlap. 
  • 13 Painted Stars represent the first 13 colonies of the US.


    Turning your flag into a foldable and easily maneuverable poster you can display and store away for another holiday.


    • Top stripe fitted with 2 metal hooks and an extra support piece.
    • 13 Stripes and 13 pieces of redwood fencing. 
    • Independence Day Wall Decor
    Choose the style that shows your American spirit. 

    Made to Order!