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Lee Display

Dr. Seuss Red & White Tinsel Christmas Tree

$150.00 USD

Lee Display's Dr. Seuss "The Cat in the Hat" inspired Red & White Striped Christmas Tree! 


From top to bottom it’s 5 feet tall,
A red and white striped Christmas tree for all.
Who’s in Whoville gather around,
This tree is worth every pence and pound!
The branches are bendable, yet sturdy and strong,
They can support your favorite ornaments for all the year long.
The green metal base collapses when you put it away,
So pick one up now from your friends at Lee Display!


Lee Display's Red & White Tinsel Brush Christmas Tree was inspired by the classic novels by Dr. Suess: How The Grinch Stole Christmas & The Cat in the Hat


As kids, we loved reading Dr. Suess' rhythms and rhymes while following along with the pictures.  This tree; reminds us of how much fun the Christmas Holiday should beHow much fun it was as a child; looking forward to Christmas morning and opening our presents


This tree; is an ode to the innocent and joyful spontaneity of the holiday season! 


  • Red & White Tinsel Branch Layers.
  • Branches fold in any direction for easy storage.  
  • Made on strong wire to hang most 5lb ornaments.
  • Top of the Tree is made on a thin wire so you can bend at the top of the tree.  
  • The wire is bendable at the top. 
  • Green Metal Base Included.  Stand collapses for easy storage.