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Lee Display

Multi-Color Christmas Lights

$3.99 USD

Lee Display's Classic Multi-Color Christmas Lights!


Now selling in Green and White Wire options.  Choose between Twinkling Sets and Steady Burning Sets in either Green or White Wire Strings. 

Light the halls this holiday season with Lee Display's traditional Christmas Lights!

- Steady Bulbs stay on continuously while plugged in.  No flashing.
- Twinkle Bulbs flash randomly while plugged in.  Once they heat up, the filament inside breaks apart and creates the flashing/blinking style.  Bulbs flash randomly in each set.


- Commercial Quality - UL Listed for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting installations.  Over 10,000 Hours of a lifetime for extra long-lasting Christmas Lights.



  • Mini Bulb Light Sets
  • 50 Bulbs per string with 6in spacing between each bulb
  • Total Length = 25FT
  • Incandescent Bright Warm Lighting
  • 120 Volt US Outlet
  • Male and Female Plugs attached to connect multiple cords together
  • When one bulb goes out, the others stay lit
  • Extra replacement bulbs included with each package
  • UL Listed
  • Indoor Outdoor Strings
  • 10,000 Hours of Lighting