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Lee Display

Orange Tinsel Halloween Wreaths

$30.00 USD $175.00 USD

18IN Shiny Orange Tinsel Halloween Wreaths!


Decorative 18in Diameter door hanging wreaths made by Lee Display. 


Your Wreaths are made in the USA.  Lee Display builds your wreath using our homemade tinsel garlands and cutting them to perfect sized branches.  We take the branches and wind them through our custom-built 'Branching Machines'  to make a thicker garland.


Then, Lee Display secures the garland to a steel frame we welded together from American steel.  Lee Display's steel is hand-rolled and welded into perfect circles.  Super-lightweight and durable for indoor and outdoor use!


Decorate your front doors and windows with Orange Tinsel Christmas Wreaths this Halloween!


  • Wreath Color:  Orange
  • 18IN Diameter.
  • Flame Resistant Tinsel Brush.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use.
  • Made to Order.