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Lee Display

Pink Tinsel Christmas Tree

$7.99 USD

Decorate in Hot Pink for any occasion!


Lee Display's Hot Pink Tinsel Christmas Trees are back in stock and ready for your display. 


Pink Tinsel Trees look great for Christmas, Weddings, Valentine's Day, Spring, Summer, and Women's Pride Party decorations.


  • Available in 5 sizes!  
  • 18in, 24in, 36in, 48in, & 60in
  • Hot Pink Tinsel Branches
  • Made on a stiff wire so you can hang almost any 5lb ornament and jewelry
  • Detachable wooden base painted in the same color as the tree
  • Foldable branches so you can easily store away for another season's decor
  • Hand-Made in the traditional feather tree style - perfect for hanging ornaments and merchandising!
  • Indoor/Outdoor



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