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Lee Display

Pink & White Tree

$9.99 USD

Lee Display's Hand-Made Feather Tinsel Christmas Trees! Our Feather Trees make perfect holiday decorations and centerpieces. Decorate your homes for the holidays with our Feather Tinsel Christmas Trees. Made in the traditional feather style with rows of branches and space between the rows to easily hang ornaments. Each tree is hand-made and made in the USA! You've probably seen our trees decorating the floors of many retail stores across the nation. Now you can own your own! We have many different sizes and colors to choose from. Choose the right tree for you to celebrate during any occasion! Celebrate your Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, or Birthday Party will a Pink Christmas Tree.

The entire tree is made in-house. We own our own brush machine that makes tinsel by the yard. Then we use our custom designed branch machines to attach each tinsel branch onto the stem of the tree. Each wire branch is permanently attached to the trunk of the tree. Branches are made on a stiff wire so that they are durable, strong, and will last long.

Super easy to assemble. Each tree to shipped in a small box with the wooden detachable base included. Simply take out of the box and shape your tree however you like. Wire branches are bendable but sturdy. Trees are super easy to store in your closet space with fold-able branches to take up less space. They hardly take up any room in storage.


  • PVC Plastic Tinsel Brush
  • Trunk is covered in cotton polyester thread.
  • Detachable wood base painted in the same color as your tree.
  • Easy to hang 1lb - 5lb Christmas Ornaments. We recommend hanging the heavier ornaments near the truck of the tree.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use.

The tree comes with a pink painted 4-1/2" square wood base that comes off for easy storage. The stem is covered in pink polyester thread. There are 5 rows of branches with approx 2" & 3" space between the rows. There is 4" of space between the bottom row & the floor. There are 26 branches on the tree. The diameter at the bottom is 14".

Retail stores decorate their storefronts and merchandise their products with our Feather Tinsel Christmas Trees during the holidays. You can use them for hanging holiday ornaments from or home decor accents and centerpieces. Tinsel trees made great gifts for holiday decorations, home decor, mantle displays, visual merchandising and retail store windows!

Give your holiday decorations a lift with a shiny Feather Tinsel Christmas Tree!

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