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Lee Display

Red and Black Christmas Garland

$25.00 USD $68.00 USD

Shiny Red and Black Tinsel Garland made in the USA by Lee Display!


Hang the garland in your homes and use as Christmas decorations, New Years celebrations, Holiday Parties, Weddings, and Home Decor. Make tinsel brush part of your store's merchandising displays


Made on a strong wire so you can hang your garlands from your banister, mantle, fireplace, and front doors. Beautifully decorate your homes with our Shiny Red and Black Christmas Garlands!


  • Red and BlackTinsel Brush Garlands are sold in 6FT lengths.
  • 6ft X 12in width. 


Tinsel Color: 

  • Red
  • Black


Excellent commercial quality:  Commercial quality vinyl film plastic, is flame-resistant and hold their color under any weather condition.  Decorate your garland indoor or outdoor hassle-free!

Made in the USA, these garlands will last a lifetime!

The colors will never run in rainy conditions.