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Lee Display

The San Mateo Ball Cluster

$15.00 USD $28.99 USD

The San Mateo Ball Cluster

w/ Shiny and Matte Silver Ball Ornaments!


Hand-made ball clusters Made by Lee Display using our custom-designed branching machines. Made in the USA.  


Indoor/Outdoor & Commercial Quality - Ball Clusters are made to last for all your upcoming holiday decorations.


Super Easy to Attach - Gorgeous decorative clusters look beautiful hanging from your Christmas Tree Branches, Garlands, and Wreaths.  Made on a wire that can be bent to fit anywhere.


Colors include:

  • 5 - Shiny Silver Ball Ornaments (80MM, 60MM, 50MM)
  • 4 - Matte Silver Ball Ornaments (80MM, 70MM, 60MM)

Total Length:

  • 10IN