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Lee Display

Valentine's Day Christmas Lights

$8.99 USD

Valentine's Day Christmas Light Sets!


Choose between Twinkling Bulbs and Steady Burning Bulbs, White Wire or Green Wire Cords, C7 & C9 Size available.


  • 25FT Length Cord w// 12in spacing between each socket.
  • Incandescent Light Bulbs w/ Patio String Cord Included.
  • Colors Included - Ceramic Red, Ceramic White, Transparent Pink.
  • C-7 Bulbs are E12 base socket size.
  • C-9 Bulbs are E17 base socket size.
  • Total of 25 Light Bulbs + 25FT Length Cord.


Light the mood romantically with Lee Display's Valentine's Day Christmas Lights.  With the colors of Valentine's Day, you can decorate your homes in Red, White and Pink!