Our Roots

Lee Display Established in 1902 Roots Story Page and History

Lee Display is a family owned visual merchandising and display business established in 1902!


Upon emigrating from Italy to New York City at the turn of the century, Antonino Latino started a Manhattan-based millinery business in 1902. The Company specialized in making the velvet and silk flowers that accentuated hats and fedoras worn commonly during the time.


Lee Display’s products were all handmade with unique designs and made with care and precision. The business flourished and grew as the reputation for their quality grew throughout the industry.

In the 1950's, we started supplying Bloomingdale's with snowflakes, garlands, and Christmas flowers for their New York Christmas Presentations.  With Anthony Latino as the owner, Lee Display pushed all its resources towards merchandising and display work.  Anthony's son, Mark Latino, took over the role of CEO in 1990 and moved the business to  San Francisco.  


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In 2016, our newest brand; Lee Display's Seasonals, was created.  Lee Display's Seasonals provides home furnishings, home & garden decor, Christmas displays and lights, & much much more for your everyday lives!

Who We've Worked With

Hill Family Estate

Barneys, Belk’s, Benefit, Bergdorf Goodman’s, Bloomingdales, Bob Marche, Britches of Georgetown, Bullocks, Caesars Palace, DFS, Electronic Arts, Express, Filenes, Foleys, Fremont Bank, Gump’s, Jamba Juice, Jordan Marsh, Knott’s Berry Farm, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, Parisians, Pebble Beach Company, Pottery Barn, Robinsons-May Company, Saks, Sofitel Hotel, The Gap, Warner Brothers, Williams & Sonoma

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Who We Are

CEO Mark Latino, President and Owner of Lee DisplayMark Latino, CEO

Mark joined Lee Display 40 years ago in New York. He became CEO in 1990. Shortly thereafter and with the help of his father, made the big decision to move the company to San Francisco to better serve the substantial growth of Macy’s west coast locations. With Mark at the helm, the company now works with over 150 Macy's locations nationwide. Mark also propelled Lee Display into new ventures including online merchandising and expansion of its base-business from Christmas decorations to specialty seasonal decorations.

James Latino

James Latino

Like his father, Mark, and grandfather, Anthony, James has worked at Lee Display since boyhood. After completing his college degree and working in the tech industry for the better part of a decade, James joined Lee Display full-time as the Director of Business Development in 2015. And like previous generations of Latinos, James brings a new spirit of innovation to the Company.


Jaun Gonzalez

Over the past decade, Juan has had a hand in every product that's been created and built by Lee Display.  Juan's craftsmanship and technical precision in all aspects of his field have elevated Lee Display's products and separated us from our competitors.  Since 2022, Juan has been named Head of Engineering and Product Design at Lee Display. With a wide variety of expertise, Juan manages the production and fabrication of all aluminum and steel products, custom displays and holiday decor, painting and finishing, and our refurbishing and repair services.


rick silva lead carpenter employee at lee display manufacturing potting tablesRichard Silva

Rick is the Head of Carpentry at Lee Display.  Since joining the team in 2017, Rick has been our lead carpenter creating a higher standard of production practices and streamlining our manufacturing processes for better and less-expensive products for our customers.  Rick has been integral to the development of our Potting Table; from product design and launch to manufacturing and shipping.  Rick continues to improve our woodworking and craftsmanship on the floor level.


Anthony Latino

Born in 1929 in Brooklyn NY, Anthony grew up working with his family at Lee Display in New York City. Due to his father's early passing at the early age of 18, Anthony took the helm of the family business where he transformed Lee Display establishing strong relationships and providing custom display and visual merchandising solutions for the leading department stores including Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Bonwit-Teller and many more. He successfully grew the company for more than 45 years and remained active in the business even after he passed the torch to his oldest son, Mark.