Detailed Mannequin Repair

Professional repair and refurbishing of major retailer's in-store mannequins.  

Each and every year we take in over 100 mannequins to repair broken limbs, ankles, arms and legs, and re-paint in a fresh coat to be ready for the retail floor.


Whether you're a large or small retailer, you know that your store's aesthetics mean everything to your customer's experience.  And the general wear and tear on your mannequins will take a toll over the years.  Shaping how shoppers view your store's aesthetic look. 


Moving them around the store, changing clothes for every new wardrobe, and even a customer's shopping accident can take diminish how your mannequins look -- and in turn - how your merchandise looks.  Lee Display's experience in visual merchandising and display guarantees that your mannequin repair will fit in line with your retail store's design and aesthetics.


That's why retailers turn to Lee Display for their visual merchandising expertise.  Here's what we offer!


Professional detailed refurbishing and repair of all mannequin parts.

Fresh paint and color matching for your store's decor and merchandising designs.


The Process:


  • Assessing damage and repair timeline.
  • Sanding all mannequins down to bare bones.
  • Creating a fiberglass coating that is custom to your mannequin's damaged parts.
  • High performing oil based paint to recoat all mannequins in our custom built spray booth.    





Our technicians are the best in the business when it comes to mannequin repair and repainting.  Use professional Visual Merchandisers from Lee Display to repair your mannequins and you'll guarantee that your store's look and style is perfectly intact.  We're ready for your call.  


Book an appointment with us today and get an estimate!

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