Wine Barrel Shot Glass Holder

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Serve your party guests with the elegance of Napa Valley and the richness of a rustic Italian home!

We turned the top of this authentic Napa Valley Wine Barrel into an Easy-To-Use Bourbon Shot Glass Holder.

Single Shot Glass Holder. One perfect shot glass hole is cut into wine barrel staves and coated with a gorgeous natural shiny finish. Holes cut to perfectly flat inside the curvature so your shot glasses won't spill over!

- 100% Danish Tung Oil coating means the wood is FDA food safe.

  • Using real wooden staves from Wine Barrels purchased from local wineries in Napa Valley.
  • Naturally stained & soaked in red wines from Napa.
  • Each piece is unique in its own way.
  • Real red wine soaked into each wood board.
  • Sanded edges are smoothed out and customed to every unique barrel top.
  • Holes cut for standard US shot glasses.
  • 8in Length Staves from an authentic Wine Barrel.
  • Wooden Staves naturally curve and bend.
  • Holes cut to perfectly flat.

***Each item varies from the next. No wine barrel stave is the same.